Student Energy Model United Nations (SEMUN).

SE-MUN is an International United Nations conference simulation intended for undergraduate students. It is a competition where students can learn diplomacy, international affairs, and the United Nations.

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Student Energy Model United Nations (SE-MUN) is a united nations conference simulation in which each delegate will represent their assigned country in discussing, negotiating, and formulating solutions to the global issue related to the given theme. SE-MUN has been participated by 235 applicants from around the world in the last four years.


SEMUN Gallery.

Look at the moments taken during the competition.

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Supplying Sustainable Energy Sources to Developing States




Nurul Zamzami



Adelia Rahmawati



Anna Shkodych


Nurul is a final year undergraduate law student focusing on Environmental Law in Universitas Indonesia. Having participated in MUN since 2019, she appreciates how MUN plays a central role in enriching her understanding of the world and widening her comfort zone. She also finds that MUN trains her to be both a knowledgeable and compelling speaker, a proven useful skill that few competitions require. As such, she expects SEMUN 2022 delegates not only to represent their country's interest masterfully, but also to strategically engage with other delegates in order to build solutions that solve the presented problems.


Several of Nurul's achievements are Best Delegate in ITBMUN 2021, Most Outstanding Delegate in SEMUN 2021, and Best Delegate in London Independent MUN 2020.  Outside of MUN, she mediates and negotiates competitively.

Adelia Rahmawati is a final year International Relations student at Universitas Indonesia. Having started her MUN journey in 2019, the activity has become pivotal to her—as it enables her to learn and achieve greater things. With a great interest in the dynamic of international issues, she’s enthusiastic to witness the debate surrounding the concern of how the notion of sustainability could be implemented globally.

She hopes each delegate could serve their countries’ interest the best with a substantive and meticulous approach, while also having fun in the council. She looks forward to meeting all of the delegates in SEMUN 2021!

I’m Anna from Ukraine. I am a bachelor of international relations and currently I’m majoring in International communications and mediation in conflict resolution at Vasyl’ Stus Donetsk National University. My MUN experience started 4 years ago, as I have always been interested in politics and the work of international organizations. It enriches my outlook, helps to develop practical skills and thanks to new acquaintances it motivates me to set and reach new goals. I am very excited to join SE-MUN, I will do my best to provide the best experience for the delegates and enjoy every moment of the conference!


I began my MUN career with the MUN organised by Peace Corps Volunteers in 2019. Since then I have come a long way of international MUNs (Change the World MUN, LyonMUN, FPCI Chapter UI MUN, Madras International Affairs Society MUN) to organising my own MUN along with the diplomacy club of my University named "United Minds" which I am the head of.

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$12/person (for international student) with an 
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SEMUN Timeline.

Timeline during the competition.

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