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Student Energy Model United Nations (SEMUN)

SE-MUN is an International United Nations conference simulation intended for undergraduate students. It is a competition where students can learn diplomacy, international affairs, and the United Nations.

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Student Energy Model United Nations (SE-MUN) is a united nations conference simulation in which each delegate will represent their assigned country in discussing, negotiating, and formulating solutions to the global issue related to the given theme. SE-MUN has been participated by 235 applicants from around the world in the last four years.

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SEMUN Gallery

Look at the moments taken during the competition.

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Future Availability of Water and Sanitation

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Registration Process

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  1. Register your team here and provide valid data for the required information before January 3rd, 2022 at 11.59 PM GMT +7.

  2. Post your picture with the PGD UI 2023 twibbon as the first slide and the main poster as the last slide. Make sure to follow us on instagram, tag @pgdui and 3 of your friends! Access to twibbon, poster, and caption:



Each team has to pay for IDR 250,000/person (for national student) or $20/person (for international student) with an additional unique code ‘5’ at the end of registration fee (ex: 100.005) to:

Mandiri 1410017828906 a.n Rifqah Azzahra
BCA 6800534354 a.n Fildza Ghifara Fitri
BNI 0902069399 a.n Marta Priskila Silvy

BTPN 90360089658 a.n Fildza Ghifara Fitri



Letter of Acceptance & Study Guide

After we confirmed your payment, you will receive an email consisting of:

  • Registration Confirmation

  • Letter of Acceptance (LoA)

  • Study Guide

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SEMUN Timeline

Timeline during the competition.

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Form Registration


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Welcome ChangeMakers! Are you ready to #EchotheChange?

For your convenience, make sure you already prepared these files before continue to competition registration:
1. Scan of Student Card of each person on the team
2. Photo of each person on the team
3. Payment Receipt
4. Screenshot of following @pgdui on Instagram
5. Screenshot of posting pgdui's twibbon on Instagram

Should you haven't prepared some of the files, you can check the required information regarding the registration in guidebook at 'registration process' section through this link:
SEMUN Guidebook

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Upload Your Student Card

Scan of Student Card.

(Format name file: Name_Student Card)

(Supported File: .jpg; .png; .jpeg)

Add File

Upload Photo of Yourself

Photo for Yourself.

(Format name file: Name_Photo)

(Supported File: .jpg; .png; .jpeg)

Add File

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Final Submission

Upload Screenshot of Following @pgdui on Instagram

You can only upload  one file.

(Format name file: Name_Follow)

(Supported File: .jpg; .png; .jpeg)

Add File

Upload Screenshot of Posting Twibbon

You can only upload one file.

(Format name file: Name_Twibbon)

(Supported File: .jpg; .png; .jpeg)

Add File

Upload Your Payment Slip Here

Format Name File: Name_Payment Slip

(Supported File: .jpg; .png; .jpeg)

Add File

Finish your registration.

Your registration has been successfully submitted.

An error occurred. Try again later.

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Get In Touch

Nicholas Hussy: +6285272238080

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Our Past Sponsors & Media Partners



By supporting PGD UI, the company can fulfill their company social responsibilities in supporting the educational event which brings education about energy and industry sustainability for the change makers.

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