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International Case Study Competition (I-CAST)

1. How many teams can each university send & how many persons does each team consists of?

Ans: For I-CAST, there will be no limitation on the number of teams sent by any university. Each team consists of two (2) people.


2. How many stages are there in Case Study Competition?

Ans: There are 3 stages: Abstract selection, Full paper selection, and Final Presentation. In the Final Presentation, all finalists (team) will be required to submit the softcopy of the slides that will be used for their presentation. They’re also allowed, but not required, to bring other things such as poster, infographic, etc. (miscellaneous used to support their presentation). However, please contact the team of I-CAST PGD if you’re bringing those presentation aids.


3. What is the prize for the Winner of I-CAST?


            1st Winner                   : IDR 6.000.000 + Certificate

            2nd Winner                 : IDR 4.000.000 + Certificate

            3rd Winner                  : IDR 3.000.000 + Certificate


4. How many teams will go to the final round?

Ans: 10 teams


5. What benefits will you get by joining I-CAST?

Ans: As a participant of I-CAST, you are privileged to:

Improve and showcase your analysis and problem-solving capabilities

Provide authentic, creative, and impactful solutions to the problem faced by the chemical industry

Learn and explore current and future issues regarding the chemical industries

Broaden your network with other students and professionals from related industries

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