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Chemical Product Design Competition (CPDC)

1. How do I register for CPDC PGD UI 2024?

Ans: Register at by submitting the required information or document, then you will receive an e-mail regarding the registration confirmation and payment guidelines. After administration matters are complete, you will get the 1st stage guidebook of CPDC for further details about your submission.

2. What are the selection stages of CPDC PGD UI 2024?

Ans: There are three stages of selection in CPDC PGD UI 2024: (i) Abstract Selection, (ii) Paper Selection, and (iii) Grand Finale. In Grand Finale, each finalist will submit their presentation document, prototype, and short video about the proposed product.

3. What is this year theme?

Ans: “Embracing Disruptive Innovation as a Catalyst to Cultivate a Greener Earth”. This theme is classified into four subthemes: (i) Personal Care, (ii) Household, (iii) Packaging, and (iv) Green Energy Material

4. Should one team consists of members who come from the same university?

Ans: Yes, all team members should come from the same educational institution, with a minimum of one member is from Engineering major.

5. Can one participant be registered in 2 different teams?

Ans: No, each participant can only be a member in only one team.

6. In the middle of competition, is it allowed to add, reduce, or replace team members who have registered at the beginning?

Ans: No, all registered participants are required to follow each and every stage of the competition every time they make it to the next stage.

Notes: For teams that against the rule that written in the guidebook, will be sanctioned in the form of disqualification.

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