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Process Systems Engineering Competition (PSEC)

1. How do I register for PSEC PGD UI 2024?

Ans: You can register for PSEC PGD UI 2024 by filling and submitting the form through the link After your submission, our committee will contact you through the leader's team email and inform your team about the payment guidelines. Once you have completed all administration requirements, you will be registered and be given the guidebook for PSEC PGD UI 2024.

2. What are the selection stages of PSEC PGD UI 2024?

Ans: There are three stages of selection in PSEC PGD UI 2024: (1) Full Paper and Simulation Submission, (2) Semifinal Stage, and (3) Final Stage. In the final stage, you are free to prepare anything from paper, poster, infographic, etc which support your presentation. Feel free to contact our committee regarding which presentation aids you are bringing in the final stage.

3. What is PSEC PGD UI 2024 theme

​Ans: The PSEC theme for this year is Sustainable Chemical Production : Harnessing CO2 Emissions and Renewable Energy.

4. Are there any rules for team and members to join PSEC PGD UI 2024?

Ans: You can join PSEC PGD UI 2024 individually or by forming a team consisting of 2-3 members. Each participant must be an active undergraduate student pursuing a bachelor's degree. Team members and team leader must be from the same institution, with at least 1 member majoring in engineering.


5. What are the file submissions required for each stage?

Ans: Aside from administrative files, there are two file submissions required for PSEC PGD UI 2024, which are full paper and simulation file in the preliminary stage. In the semifinal and final stage, you are not required to submit any file prior to the presentation day.

6. How many teams are competing in the final stage?

Ans: There will be 5 teams which will be competing in the final stage.

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