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Petronation is a smart competition about oil and gas that cope topics from basic to advance.

This competition is about challenging and grinding participant’s knowledge as well as their memorize skill by answering questions in a limited time. The questions that will be asked is about technical and non-technical aspect in oil and gas industry such as drilling, geology, production, completion, and trivia. The objective of this competition is to evolving ones' potential and interest as well as mastering their full understanding and knowledge in every aspect of the oil and gas industry. This competition is open for everyone that have been pursuing any bachelor’s or diploma degree in any engineering or natural science.

What to prepare before registering to a smart competition

  1. Have a basic oil and gas knowledge.

  2. Questions that will be given consist of exploration, production, drilling, and trivia about petroleum.

  3. Keep up with current oil and gas news.

  4. Practice will help a lot .

  5. Be ready to out-smart your competitor.

  6. Register via

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