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Chem-e-car: A Chemical Reaction Powered Car

Chem-e-car is a prototype car powered by chemical reaction. Different types of chem-e-car are constantly being developed, giving us options. But have you ever wondered about what are the main components of chem-e-car?

1. Power source

Power source for the propulsion of the car in Chem-E-Car Competition is a chemical reaction. Power source can be reproducible on competition day and no liquid also odor discharge is allowed. Electrochemical batteries such as lead acid, galvanic cell, hydrogen fuel cell, or thermoelectric generators commonly used as power source for the Chem-E-Car Competition.

2. Load container

Load container is a place to accommodate water. As in a Chem-E-Car Competition, every car must have a load container to carry water while undergoing the track.

3. Stopping mechanism

Stopping mechanism is a set of procedures in order to stop the car after travelling at a

certain distance. To acquire the precise calculation and mechanism, the chemical

reactions (concentrations or quantity of reagents) that undergo must be calculated so the car will stop at a predicted time limit.

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