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1. What is SE-MUN?

Ans:International Student Energy Model United Nations(SE-MUN)  is a two-day United Nations. Simulation for university students globally. This conference will bring together young leaders from different parts of the world to a common platform in order to discuss imperative global issues and provide innovative solutions. The delegates from various backgrounds will come together with the main vision of contributing sustainable earth through dialogue, debate and discussions to their respective regions.


2. What should you prepare to join SE-MUN?

Ans:To come prepared, delegates should do their research to write out solutions to problems in the topics covered.Although this can be difficult too since theproblems are very complex, but creativity, good research and study guide that will be given after selection process will help you produce some good ones. 


3. What benefit will you get by joining SE-MUN?


·              International exposure 

·              Improve Public Speaking

·              Diplomacy and negotiating skill

·              Enhance your leadership skill

·              Opportunity to practice research


4. What is the prize for the winner of SE-MUN?


Best Position Paper     : Rp 500.000,00 + Certificate

Honorable Mention     : Rp 1.500.000,00 + Certificate

Most Outstanding       : Rp 2.000.000,00 + Certificate

Best Delegate              : Rp 4.000.000,00 + Certificate


5. What are the series of event that delegates will follow when joining SE-MUN?



Expert workshop is a session in which all delegates will be explained more about the case that is going to be brought up and discussed during the conference. The speaker of this session is going to be an expert from a UN Agency*, hoping that all delegates can have more exposure to the real-time situation and the roles of UN in addressing the case.

MUN 101

MUN 101 is expected to help participants get started for the conference. Delegates have to follow some orders during the conference that will be explained in the session. There will be information given about a roll call, the difference between raising a motion or a point, moderated or unmoderated caucuses and so on. Also how to write a resolution, amendments and voting procedure will be explained.


The conference will be held for 2 days long. This conference is a resolution-based conference where delegateswillrepresent their selected countries as realistically as possible.

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