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Petronation (Smart Competition)

1. How many teams will participate and how do we select the finalist?

Ans: 18 teams will participate with maximum 2 teams per university and we select the team by ‘first pay first serve’ method


2. How are the questions going to be given and how is the competition will be conducted?

Ans: The questions are going to be given in stages: compulsory, tossup with bonus question, and also fun games. The competition will be conducted where qualified teams will compete in double-elimination bracket (upper bracket & lower bracket)


3. Who will be the judges for the smart competition?

Ans: Professionals from oil and gas industry, with one from our exclusive Petronation’s partner


4. What benefit will you get by joining Petronation?

Ans: Insight of oil and gas industry, international network, and experience in smart competition. You'll also experience work life in oil& gas service company with our company visit.


5. What is the prize for the winner of Petronation?

Ans: A total of IDR 10.500.000 + Certificate, and also benefits from our partner

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