Project Officer and Vice Project Officer

Vice Project Officer

Natasha Vidi

Responsible for preparation, execution and supervising all activities of the events, and leading the PGD UI 2019 team members to become a great leader and person to achieve the success of PGD UI 2019

Project Officer

Batara Triargi

Event 1

Set up all non-competition event by making concept and managing all operational activities. With collaboration works between 3 subdivision, this division also responsible for the hospitality during the events to fulfill participants' needs.

ME Event 1

Jessica Balgani

PIC Opening Closing

M. Daffa

Vice PIC Opening Closing

Maura Salsabilla

PIC LO and Registration

Kezia Batubara

Vice PIC LO and Registration


PIC National Seminar

M. Perdana

Vice PIC National Seminar

Miranda Meidistira

Event 3

Responsible for planning, conducting and evaluate Chemical Engineering Events in PGD 2018, which is Student Energy – Model United Nations (SE-MUN) and Chemical Engineering Car (Chem-E Car).

ME Event 3

Adream Bais


Ainun Rahmania


Ranya Jamal

PIC Chem-E-Car

Ahmad Syauqi

Vice PIC Chem-E-Car



Creating and executing marketing and creative strategies to increase the awareness and participations in PGD UI 2019. As well as managing advertising and marketing communications activities.

PIC Advertising

Karina Numa

Vice PIC Advertising

Callista Dara

Director of MCS

Catharina Candra

Maghfira Khairiza

PIC Digital Marketing

Ryendi Kusnan

Vice PIC Digital Marketing 1

Fatima Vanessa

Vice PIC Digital Marketing 2

Nadhira Alifia


Logistic are responsible for all of the participants' need throughout the competition, such as consumption, accommodation, transportation, and equipment. We are also responsible for the safety of the participants. We will make sure that all participants of PGD UI 2018 are not short of everything.

ME Logistic

Shitta Aspendira

Vice ME Logistic 1

Jeremy Petrick

Vice ME Logistic 2

Adian Tampubolon

PIC Consumption

Giviani Puspita

Vice PIC Consumption

Vira Annisa

Process Engineering and Energy Days

Faculty of Engineering, Universitas Indonesia, Depok, West Java.

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