10th Chemical Product Design Competition (CPDC)

The 10 th Chemical Product Design Competition provides opportunities for chemical engineering students to create innovations in a form of chemical products through a competition to answer sustainable future challenges. Being the biggest product design competition every year since 2009. CPDC will gather up to 50 students from Around 10 Universities across the world. There will be about 30 innovative designs of applicable and economially isible chemical- based products which improve student’s creaticvity and entreprenual skill.

3rd Petroleum Integrated Smart Competition (Petronation)

The Petronation matches University best delegation teams against one another in a fast–paced quiz competition covering technical and non-technical aspects of the oil and gas industry. Petronation has grown in size and popularity since its debut in 2015. Being the most anticipated smart competition every year. Petronation has the record of gathering up to 50 students from around 10 Universities across the world.

International Student Paper Competition

The brand new PGD 2018 International Student Paper Competition aims to solve imperative global issues and provide innovative solutions for Sustainable future by encouraging students from various major to apply their core competency in an integrated paper. The delegates enter with an abstract of their paper, of which they perform a presentation on the day of the competition for those whose abstract are selected.

International Student Energy MUN

International Student Energy Student Energy Model United Nations is a three-day United Nations. Simulation for university students globally. This conference will bring together young leaders from different parts of the world to a common platform in order to discuss imperative global issues and provide innovative solutions. The delegates from various backgrounds will come together with the main vision of contributing sustainable earth through dialogue, debate and discussions to their respective regions.

National Seminar

The annual National Seminar of PGD UI will be attended by both public and private decision- makers, students, and business Representatives who discuss their ideas to solve current energy challenges. National Seminar aims to highlight the awareness, opportunities And spirit to makes sustainable future in Indonesia.


Experience Diversity in its Linguistic Jakarta Trip is a special vacation tour for participants aim to explore more about This huge and fascinating city through sigh seeing, fun activities and cultural learning.

Explore Jakarta is a series of events and activities in PGD that units the delegates with The beauty of Jakarta through its historical sites, cultural performance and modern acommodation. There will be Opening Ceremony, Travel Jakarta and Closing Ceremony. The Opening Ceremony will be a platform for delegates to meet and create relations held in one of the Most historical sites in Jakarta, Museum Bank Indonesia.

The Closing Ceremony is a fine gala dinner held in Westin Hotel, located at the heart of the Jakarta. There will be Winner announcement and bonding activities provided with lavish ballrooms, gastronomic food and great hotel ambience.


Abstract submission deadline : 5th November 2017 - 10th December 2017
Selection abstract submission : 30th December 2017
2nd stage guidebook release : 30th December 2017
Full paper submission deadline : 20th January 2017
Finalist announcement : 17th February 2017